Why has the wreck of the Titanic not got an owner

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The wreck of the Britannic has an owner (Simon Mills?), so why has the Titanic not got one? I suppose the owner/s now would be the insurance companies - but it seems very strange that the most famous wreck in all history does not have one!!!!!

Although mentioned in the forum before about ownership, the discussion always seems to move into the area of Salvor which we know has been been explored in great detail, but the ownership of the actual wreck is a very different matter, and like I said it seems very strange that someone has not ever acquired this.
I would think that actual ownership of the vessel would now rest with the insurance underwriters who had to make good on the claims made for the ship. Since a third of the ship's value was underwritten by White Stars own in house insurance fund, I wouldn't be surprised if part of the ownership lay with Cunard/White Star and by default, Carnival corperation which now owns Cunard.

I could also be wrong.
Thanks for that Michael - I sure the insurance on most wrecks are spread over a number of interested parties, but for the Britannic this appears to have been resolved so why is the most famous wreck in history been ignored? It just does not make sense.
>>so why is the most famous wreck in history been ignored?<<

It may not have occured to anybody to even ask. You would be amazed to find out that most people aren't even aware of the fact that wrecked ships have owners in the first place.
A British chap called Douglas Faulkner-Woolley claims to own Titanic. I haven't the slightest idea why. Paul Lee may known the story.
Heard that story before about Douglas Faulkner-Woolley claims. Speaking with the Receiver of the Wreck (UK), they say do not have a list of owners of Wrecks. They also say that they only get involved if an item salvaged from a wreck is landed in the UK, and then they will investigate claims of owners and make a judgement on who is the owner of the Wreck. This appears never to have been done in the UK for the wreck of the Titanic.

Paul Lee

Sadly, my papers relating to Doug are packed away ready for transportation to my new home. He did send a pamphlet a few days ago with his picture and a model of the Titanic under the caption "Father of the Titanic" (!)
>>A British chap called Douglas Faulkner-Woolley claims to own Titanic. I haven't the slightest idea why.<<

Too much gin and tonic perhaps? (Heavy on the gin?) Sorry if this sounds a bit sarcastic, but I'm sure the people to who any legal title and claim would have passed would be amused to hear this...unless the man can show evidence by way of valid legal documents which prove he has lawful title to the wreck.

Since ownership would have to have passed to several insurance underwriters, one would have to wonder who represented them in the sale...assuming it was even made...and if the agent even had legal standing to make the sale.
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