Why Isn't there a 13th cabin on any deck?

Cam Houseman

Cam Houseman

Hi y'all,

While working on a project for a friend, I noticed there was no D-13 in the forward First Class cabins on D-Deck. I checked the rest of the decks, and no cabin exists with 13 on Titanic.

Sailors are generally known to be superstitious, and the Irish have always struck me as being so as well. Did they avoid a cabin 13 to dispell Bad Luck? (although she still had plenty ;) )

Thanks for any help!
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If you look at any deck on the Olympic class liners, or any liner from the late Victorian and Edwardian era, you notice that there aren't any staterooms with the number 13 (take the Olympic class liners as a main example, since there is no A-13, B-13, C-13, D-14, E-13, F-13 or G-13). This had indeed to do with superstition and also the fact that staterooms with the number 13 often weren't booked out of fear from the passengers).
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Pretty much the same reason that buildings don't have 13th floors-- the elevator buttons skip from 12 to 14.
Superstition of bad luck.
13 carries a premonition of a bad omen.
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