Why No Single Berth Cabins On QM2

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May 1, 2004
Pacifique du Nord
If this has been discussed before I'm culpable of reiteration.

QEII has single berth staterooms in the 'Q' class, whilst QM2 has none. That means that if a passenger (or 'guest' as Cunnarn-ival refers to them) wishes to book a 'Q' class stateroom it can cost nearly 13K USD for a crossing.

Anybody know what the driving factor for this is? Is it sheer greed? Or do the single staterooms go unused so often that it's not worth it because they don't turn a profit for the owners?

Doug McDonnell

The driving factor is as u said these staterooms go unused. U also have to remember that QE2 (not QEII as you said, QEII refers to the monarch) was built in a different time for a different generation. This has nothing to do with greed just that QM2 is Cunards first modern ship. There are very few lines if any aside from Cunard that still offer single berths. I think that we just need to look at the bright side. That the 13K is well worth it for QM2, and u can still get a perfectly nice stateroom on board for far less that 13K, im with u in that prices are high and i myself cannot afford right now, but once the fanfare calms down in a year or 2 so will prices.
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