Why Only James Cameron?

Sorry for the vague title but i could not think of anything better

My question is fairly broad but why do you guys think with all the people through out the years associated with the Titanic disaster from film makers, documentary crews to millionaires that JC is really the only one to have consistently in people with large sums of money really seem to care or get the whole disaster right?

Its a weird question but iv been watching alot of the older films, books, documentary's ect and its always interesting in the 106 years since the ship sank, that JC is the only one to have pushed for creditable research, for exploring the wreck and for getting people who are Truly knowledgeable on the Titanic together to try and piece this together. And this is something that he initiates and alot of the time pays out of his own pocket.

While we all have opinions on him as a person or how he works, there is no denying that Jim is the only outside the community to completely wrap himself in the subject and try to find out what he got wrong in the film and to learn from historians.

What to me is so strange that no one else really does this. It seems that as time goes on since the 97 movie that anything made about the titanic is increasingly getting worse in quality and about getting facts right. At least to me, the only documentary that have come out since the 100th anniversary to be decent is Jim's about the 20th anniversary on the film.

Why do you guys think that most other producers or other people dont seem to care about getting it right? Love to hear you opinions!

I should note im not trying to play down historians like Walter Lord, Ken, Bill ect i just mean people outside of the community


Short answer $.Money does a world of good. if Titanic was not the blockbuster it was (the highest grossing movie until JC beat himself) than it is doubtful he would have done anything else. Cameron was not the leading expert, but the public quickly associated him to the wreck, so his name on any expedition meant ratings, which meant $. Thankfully Cameron is after the truth, even if he holds strongly to some of his own beliefs, which is fine cause he put in the effort to have them. Its not that other don't care they aren't given the time, or resources or budget to do so. Or they just want to make $ off the popularity, which is dyeing down which means less effort to just make a quick buck, but less money to produce true docs- cause less public interest.
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Kyle Naber

Titanic really just isn’t a popular topic anymore. Over a century has passed and the public’s excitement about it couldn’t pass that famous day in 1985. As stated above, money is another huge factor. Most people don’t care about the facts unfortunately. They’d rather slap “Titanic” on it and make a few bucks.
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Rob Lawes

To perpetuate the story everyone needs a new angle hence the multiple documentaries on Nat Geo for example. All containing words such as "the last word", "the missing evidence", "the truth" etc etc. Each dangling the carrot of fresh information but in truth adding very little.

The same goes for the printed word. The general rule of thumb seems to be find a new theory that a few lines of inquiry can support and hammer it home until the cash registers stop ringing and then revise and update. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

The Riddle of the Titanic by Robin Gardiner obviously stands head and shoulders above all in that field.

There are two places in my opinion where new evidence can found. Deep in the dusty vaults of local newspaper offices on both sides of the pond. I'm talking about the real local papers near to where a survivor lived. Particularly some of the third class passengers many of whom would have rapidly faded into the background.

Also the attics and boxes of family members of survivors who have undiscovered gems as hand-me-downs and may not even know it.

The other place is the wreck itself. This is where Cameron comes in. Expeditions to the wreck are massively expensive and risky. Time is fast running out to get to those undiscovered areas of the ship and get as much forensic detail as possible. Most of the well financed expeditions were more interested in recovering artefacts instead of finding new information. Cameron has at least brought up something more valuable which is a great deal of quality wreck footage.

I've always said, If I want to know what an Edwardian white dinner plate looked like I only need to sift through a rummage box at my local junk shop. I can buy one for a few quid.
Titanic is not a popular topic anymore???? Since when????? Titanic will always be a popular topic , it's just that it comes and goes in waves. Ive been around the block long enough to see this. There may times when it gets put on the back burner, but it never completely goes away.Sites like this as well as the excitement over Honor And Glory are two just two examples of the continued fascination with this subject.