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Damon Hill

I'm sure I read somewhere, I think it might have been in A Night To Remember, that Mr Silverthorne was reading The Virginian in the First Class Smoking Room the night of the collision, and I have a feeling it may even say he was seen reading it whilst the ship was sinking...I'll have to see if I can find it! Another book that Ive seen mentioned, either in A Night To Remember, or The Night Lives On, was the book that Gracie had written about the civil war, called The Truth About Chickamauga, a copy of which he had 'foisted' upon Isador Straus who assured him he had read it with 'intense interest'. The Rubaiyat of course was also onboard, stowed somewhere down in the hold probably. Also in Susan Wels book there is a photograph of a small novel that was retrieved from the wreck, the title was, as Susan puts it "horribly ironic" The title....."I'll steer you straight"

Brian R Peterson

Hi Damon,

Yes, Colonel Gracie was reading a book about Civil War history on Titanic, a subject of great interest to him.

The Rubiayat was aboard, however all evidence seems to suggest it was not stored in the Purser's safe rather in the ship's specie room.

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On the evening of the accident, Martha Stephensen had borrowed from the library, Shackleton's book about his expedition to the North Pole. Before the collision, she lay in bed looking at a wide range of iceberg pictures.....
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