Why there aren't an only one museum of the artefacts of the Titanic



For me, is very dangerous that the artefacts go city to city or country to country, is too bad, RMS Tianic to be preserve the artefacts in an only one site for example in the metropolitanb museum of new york , or to do a special building.
Apr 14, 2001
to whom it may concern i think that it wouldnt be fair to have the entire exhibit in one place because there are so many people who cant travel so far to see the exhibit and its important for all the people in the world to see it even if its once in a life time so that people can learn and understand what happened and why and as one who saw some of the artifacts i think that the way they are doing the exhibits in in certain cities is the right thing to do thanks jennifer mueller

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
Let's have some sense of proportion here! If major works of art, Egyptian antiquities and extraordinary ancient Chinese artifacts can tour the world, I'm sure the comparatively minor Titanic leftovers can do it.

In any case, there are plenty of Titanic remains outside RMS Titanic's hoard. The French and the British have their own collections. As to adding to our understanding, the artifacts really contribute little. 1912 is well documented and the objects are unusual only in the fact that they have spent some years on the bottom of the Atlantic. It's interesting to see them, but you'll find plenty like them in museums everywhere or even in great grandma's cupboard.

Ben Dover

To be honest, I don't see why they just don't leave the damn thing alone!

Robert Ballard once said something like this, 'A cleaned cup in a museum is nothing but a cup. A cup on the bottom of the Atlantic, at the Titanic's last resting place, is something special'.

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
And in 1987 Walter Lord said:
"At first I was against touching anything, but now I feel that if the major parts are left alone, just to pick up a doll or a bottle of wine lying on the ocean floor might help people to remember."

Sarah Littrell

I think having an exibit of the remains would be most miraculous! But one question, do they have a vault where they keep all of this? Where does it all come from?
With gratitude,
Sarah Littrell

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