Why was the aft staircase designed in the same style as the forward staircase?


Looking at pictures from both the forward and aft staircase on both the Olympic and Titanic, it's hard not to notice how similar in style they both are. Ok they are some obvious differences and I know the aft staircase is much smaller and doesn't expand as far as the forward, but why are they similar? Surely this would of been a great opportunity to incorporate something different. I understand the reason to have a aft staircase but not the reason to have a miniature duplication of the forward staircase. I also understand the designers might have wanted continuity with design but it still doesn't explain for a replica. With the much more limited space it would of been more wise to have a different style staircase but with the same fittings for continuity. This in my opinion would of been far more elegant and better design choice.