Why Was The Wreck Used For Depth Charge Practice?


Lusitania wasn’t depth charged as there’s no solid evidence to support it. The depth charges seen in what people claim is of Lusitania’s wreck are actually of other shipwrecks. There’s just no good reason why it would be bombed, considering it was a massive war grave. If Lusitania really was depth charged, I doubt the condition of her wreck would look this good in the 1960s when John Light made several dives and expeditions to it, after the supposed depth charging.
I'm with you half way there.

There is video and photo evidence of several 65lb "hedgehog" depth charges, a type once used by the RN, on and around the wreck.

That said, the wreck isn't littered with hundreds upon hundreds of depth charges as the late John Light and the late Gregg Bemis (who were both deeply Anglophobic and wanted to paint the British in as bad a light as possible) liked to tell people.

The powerful undersea currents and multiple encounters with trawlers nets that have really done their worst.