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ash briers

May 1, 2008
Hi everyone, i am posting this because i am horrified with the state that the poor NORWAY is in, and it isnt just at the ship yards, don't get me wrong, she looked magnificent, but after a few years with NCL, why did they add 2 more decks above the bridge, i know it's to accomodate and satisfy more people, but with all the ships NCL have got, i think that it would hardly make a difference if she kept her original cupacity. and i know that not every ship can be saved, but i'm sure all of you shall agree with me that if it was possible Norway should have been turned into something like the queen mary and QE2. NCL are a great company, i'm not saying they arent, but they made HUGE mistake on sending NORWAY to the scrap yard, especially as she is the last french ocean liner, and the last french liner to be built by Compagnie Gnenerale Transatlantique (i think thats how you say it), and they built the normandie. This is french history and also one of the last ocean liners in existance going to the ship yards, reply if you agree with all this and are saddened with whats happening.

(P.S. lets hope Bangladesh has an offshore monsoon and the NORWAY floats off the beach by herself ;-), that would make a story, jkz )

Sean Hankins

May 15, 2004
Ash, I'm afraid there's not much of the Norway left above the water line (if that!). Check out the latest pics on the "end is near" thread. Surely there not much if anything left by now.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Is there anything new of the "France's" demolition?<<

The latest photo on Midshipcentury was dated October 3rd. I doubt there's much left beyond maybe a section of double bottom.

>>They devoured her like maggots on a corpse. Amazing.<<

Even more amazing when you consider just how crude the tools they use just happen to be.
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