Wichita Daily Eagle 16 April 1912


Suellen R. Amsler

Hello Everyone. I'm a new member and I have an item for sale that may be of interest to someone. I have a framed copy of the entire A Section of the Wichita Daily Eagle, Wichita, KS dated April 16, 1912 reporting the sinking of the Titanic. Although I have been unable to have it authenticated, I feel certain it is an original and not a copy.

I was given this item when I worked at the 20th Century Center here in Wichita. The 20th Century Club was started by Louise Murdock in 1899 and moved to this building in approximately 1923. The current owners found this item in one of the cellars under the building along with some other antiques they did have authenticated and kept. They knew I was a Titanic fan and gave this to me as a reward for some work I had done for them - very nice people. It was covered in mud and dirt and took quite a bit of cleaning. The glass on the front is broken and it is no longer sealed on the back - a victim of my cats - they knocked it off the wall. I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me on how to authenticate this item and then find a buyer for it. I have attached one photo which is not a very good one because of the glare - I do apologize. I do have a few other photos that I will gladly forward to anyone interested.

I am currently unemployed and am losing my home. I want to know this item is in good hands. I love this item very much and want it to be appreciated and cared for. Thank you all for your help. Suellen Amsler, Wichita, KS [email protected]

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