Will Dr Ballard ever return to the Titanic site

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Nathan Lee Casteel

Hello everyone I was wandering this. Will Robert Ballard ever return to the Titanic wrecksite?

Hope someone answers me


Adam Leet

May 18, 2001
Dr. Ballard has once or twice mentioned his desire to return, but subsequently says it's only a desire. He has no intention of returning, because he's moved on to other projects. Added to that, the Titanic wreck has been salvaged since he left, and he has stated he prefers to remember her the way he saw her in person.

Feb 13, 2002
Hi Adam & Nathan

I finally got to see the show Titanic-90 Years Below last night and I loved the way he put it..that he did have a desire to "sneak back" but, since it has been salvaged it wouldn't be like the "underwater museum" he has in his mind. Very touching.
Mar 13, 2000
nathan adam and stephanie i read the book that dr ballard wrote about his discovery of the ship and at the end of the book he said that he wont return to the ship because he his hope was that the ship would be left the exact way he left it but then along came rms titanic inc and other salvage companies and these companies took artifacts from the wreckage and it upset dr ballard so much that he vowed never to return there and i hope this answers your question nathan jennifer mueller
Feb 13, 2002
Hi Jennifer,
I didn't really think he would go, just going by the words I heard him say on the show. I think it was fairly recent. (lol In fact..I had my Direct TV turned on just so I could watch...was like a $31.99 pay-per-view event for me!) I can picture it though...taking a wide eyed Grandchild or even a Great Grandchild down to see it some far away day, very quietly with no fuss and muss. I'm sure it would break his heart to see what's gone on since he last saw the ship. I can picture the child telling his Grandchildren all about who his Grandfather was and what he did ...and what they did together. So he may...and he may not...the world may never know. Knowing what he knows....I just don't know if he could bring himself to take that dive.


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