Will Murdoch & The Lydgate

Mar 24, 1999
In Susanne Stormer's William McMaster Murdoch: A Career At Sea biography of my favorite and most loved First Officer, she talks about the Lydgate...here's the excerpt from her book, which can be found on pages 83 & 84:

Murdoch secured himself a berth as 1st mate aboard the Lydgate, a four masted steel barque built by Palmers & Co., Newcastle upon Tyne, for James Joyce & Co., Liverpool in 1893. She had a gross tonnage of 2534 tons and her dimension were 304.3 x 43.2 x 24.3 ft. She presently was at New York and waited for a crew to man her. Her master was 43-year-old John Kennison from Liverpool, who had taken over the vessel from J. Carrington.

Murdoch went to new York, crossing the North Atlantic with a steamer and signed on as 1st mate 3rd April 1897.

What I would like to know, is which pier number was the Lydgate (b/c she was headed to Shangai) docked at during her stay in New York?

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