Will online Titanic sites replace Titanic society journals

Feb 14, 2011
Do you think internet Titanic sites, such as ET, will eventually replace Titanic societies and their respective journals, such as THS and their journal 'Titanic Commutator', and Titanic International and their journal 'Voyage'?

Everything is online now, but there is somthing to be said for a Titanic journal that you can hold and add to the collection.....

I think published Titanic society journals will eventually be phased out in favor of online Titanic sites. What do you all think?

Seems a person has a greater chance to be published and be heard online....

The big downside of the published Titanic society journals is the inescapible politics of the Titanic organisations- if your politics differs with that of that given group, dont count on being published, wheras online, EVERYONE has a voice and can be heard.I think thats why many Titanic buffs dont belong to any Titanic organisation, and prefer the internet to the journals.

Just look at the fine articles on this ET site, seems the cream of the crop of Titanic writers have gone online....

Tarn Stephanos

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