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David Brocklebank

Does anybody have information re William Alfred Brocklebank?

Dec 13, 1999
David, William Alfred Brocklebank lived at "Alpha Villa" Broomsfield, Chelmsford, England. This cottage was owned by his employer who operated a horse breeding business in Chelmsford which is perhaps forty miles from London. William was described as a groom according to WSL's sailing list, in fact he was much more than this and his employer was entrusting him with the responsibility of purchasing blood stock from America, which would be eventually shipped to England for breeding purposes.
William left a widow, Eleanor Mary and two small children, William Jnr. and Phyllis. When his estate was settled following his death, he had left his entire fortune of just £40 to his widow.
His death meant that Eleanor and the children had to leave "Alpha Villa" and they moved into number 4 Montpellier Avenue, Cheltenham.