William Ali

In addition to the biography entry: Though Ali had been working for some time in Beunos Aires, he was an immigrant from the Lebanon which in 1912 was part of Syria. On the Titanic he was travelling with three other young men who were all returning to Argentina after a trip back to visit their families in Europe and the Lebanon. Ali might have spent some time with friends or relatives living in England.
Hello Bob! Thanks for the information, sorry by may ingles. I ask to you who are the companions of Ali which they traveled in the Titanic. Thanks!
Hallo, Mauro. The three other men were:

Ali Ahmed (or Ahmett) - age 24
Ali Assam - age 23
Adola Asim - age 35

All four men worked as labourers. They gave their nationality as Syrian and their last place of residence as Beunos Aires. Their ticket numbers are consecutive, so they must have been travelling together. That is all I can tell you - others may know more.
Mauro, if you are looking for other Titanic people who had a connection with Argentina, here are some suggestions.

I have seen your posts about Violet Jessop, and I'm sure you must also know about 2nd Class passenger Edgar Andrew, who liked to call himself Edgardo and was the only other person on board who was born in Argentina. Another 2nd Class passenger, Hans Givard, was from Denmark but had been living in Argentina. In 1st Class, Ramon Artagaveytia was born in Uruguay, but in 1912 he was living at Garamini, Argentina, where he owned a farm. He was 71 - one of the oldest people on the ship. Another 1st Class passenger, Margaret Hays, died in Beunos Aires in 1956.
Thank you very much by the data! I am of Argentinean, I look for the connections between my country and the Titanic, to which long ago that it study. Thanks for the information sorry by my ingles.