William and Dorothy Turpin


Mr. and Mrs. Turpin are listed with the destination of Salt Lake City, Utah. Is it known whether they were Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)? If so, could they perhaps have been traveling in company with Mrs. Corbett, the daughter of a Mormon bishop?

David H.

As of April 1999 the church records available through the family search program and the "IGI" for baptisms of living individuals did not list either Turpin while they do list Mrs. Corbett. This does not eliminate the possibility of their membership as not all the Europan records from that time have been made available for computer searching. Records are available on both microfilm and microfiche if you are interested. They would most likely be under "British Mission" for the area where they were from.

daran emond

Mr & Mrs Turpin are distant relatives of mine and as far as my family remember they were christian and not mormon. Unfortunately over the years the tragedy was hidden from the children in my family
and is now only begining to be researched if any one could help with information we would be very grateful.