William Anderson Walker

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Maureen McCracken

I am researching my Irish Family, and my Great
Uncle Philip Traynor and wife Bessie Casey worked
for the Anderson Walkers. After Mr. William
Anderson Walker was drowned on the Titanic, Mrs
Anderson Walker wanted to return from America
to come back to the estate in England. Philip
and his family came back with her, and worked
for her until she died. Unfortunately I do
not know which ship they came back on but I would
presume it would be 1912 onward.

Marie Smith nee Clarke

Re: William Anderson Walker I was always told my grandfather died on the titanic, and no relatives came forward to look after my father. I know his name was Walker, my father was called Herbert. He was well looked after in Southampton until the age of 11 when he was adopted by a Mrs Clarke from Manchester. If anyone could help me solve this mystery I would be grateful

Ben Holme

Dear Marie,

William Anderson Walker was an English resident of East Orange NJ, and was prominent in masonic circles. He and his wife, Frances, were childless.

Best Regards,

Lisa Ryan nee Flanagan

Re: William Anderson Walker

Did this person have any relatives in northern ireland. Is there a chance that some of his family may have lived in Fermanagh? My father has been told that Mr Walker was his uncle from his mothers side, but family research has never shown that my grandmothers family ever lived in England.