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William Lloyd Carney II

Having been obsessed with the Titanic since a young boy, I recently found that William Carney was a Lift Steward who died on the ship and is buried in Halifax. I have followed my linneage back to 1895, and found no connection. Would anyone be able to point me toward internet resources to determine if there is any family connection? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would answer a deep spiritual question for me. Thanks!!!
Mar 20, 1997
Welcome on board. I'm sorry nobody else has responded but if you get to the profile for William Carney on this site and then click the link near the bottom for the complete biography, there is a somewhat blurry photo of him which is part of a picture he had taken with two unidentified gentlemen. This photo was found on his body when recovered. Maybe you'll notice a family resemblence.

The full photo is on pg. 241 of the Eaton and Haas book Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy. Best of luck

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