William Caunt / Frederick Doel

I've been researching my family tree for some years now. I have several family ties to Titanic:

William Caunt, grill cook, was my GGUncle;
Frederick Doel, fireman, was my grandfathers step dad;
Charles Olive was Frederick Doels step brother;
David Matherson was a friend of Frederick Doel.

Any information anyone has on these crew members would be gratefully received.



Received your private message and have info
on all four men mentioned above. I will respond
shortly with detail, but here are some basics
which are summed up from places on this site
or are readily available:

William Ewart Caunt was born in Nottingham
in 1884 and named for his father, his mother
being a Miss Sharpe. He was married to a lady
named Emily who recieved assistance from the
Mansion House Fund for support.
Fred Doel was born in Southampton as was
his step brother, Charlie Olive. They were
two of, I am told, 14 children. I have a
great deal on them and some on their friend
David Matherson, who purportedly gave up his
seat in the lifeboat to Fred.
Caunt and Doel came to Titanic from the
Olympic; Matherson from Adriatic, and Olive
from the Oceanic.
Please keep in touch. Great to hear from you!

> Hi Brian,

Thanks for your quick reply.

William married Emily Mayfield in 1912, only a few months before he sailed on Titanic. I don't know what happened to Emily except that she went back to Nottingham. Williams mother also recieved an income from the Mansion House Fund as she had lost her husband the year before and William was helping to support her. William Caunts mothers name was also Emily.

I only know of 8, possibly 9, children in Fredericks family. If you have ant details I'd be glad to see them.

I look forward to hearing more from you.


To introduce myself - I am Diana Lyons nee Doel. I know that my Doel ancestors came from Westbury Wilts, as did Frederick's. I haven't quite traced the exact family line - but the Westbury Doels were a huge family! I have a photo somewhere!


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