William E Carter II


You're right - I meant to say 1914 not 1915. I was thinking of the 1915 match in Morristown in which there was much coverage about the game - just no mention of the Titanic which I thought was rather interesting. Shell was referring to the comment that Mr. Bill Harrison made when he took us through the Tennis Hall of Fame. Behr and Williams played one another during the regular season up in Newport after the 1914 season as well. They played one another in Morristown in 1915, and apparently their paths crossed on several occasions on the court for some years.

I would have loved to have been present for one of the matches. It's a shame no pictures appear to exist of any of their actual games. Sue Williams has numerous newsreels of her husband at play in the 1920s and 1930s but none of them feature Karl Behr.



There is a great picture I've seen (I don't own it unfortunately!) of Behr, Williams and 2 other players in 1914 (just prior to the Davis Cup). They are standing together, all smiles, and Williams has an arm around Behr, a very jovial "buddy" picture.

He was born today in 1900. Happy Birthday William.

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I've been interested in the Carter family that traveled first class on the Titanic. In school, we're doing these reports on passengers so I picked William "Billy" Carter II. I was wondering if anyone knew anything on them. My reports due on Sept 18. I hope someone can help me! Thanks

Hi Kevin. Only 19 years late in assisting you with your paper. I live on the main line area of Philadelphia where Carters wife was raised. The word is Carter may have panicked and choose to save himself on the Titanic and his wife and 2 kids including William the 2nd got on boat 4 with the mother. They divorced 2 years later and she married a guy named Brooke and they leased an outrageous summer home of a wealthy Philadelphia family. I just discovered the house YESTERDAY and have obsessed finding out more about it's history.

Anyway, hope you got an "A" on your 2001 report and you haven't looked back since.


Frank Fox
Radsnor, PA