William Fisher Hoyt


Ellen Hoyt

I am doing geneology research on william fisher hoyt and i need to know if he was married, if he had any children, and the names of his parents. can anyone help me with this information?

Ellen Hoyt

Brian Meister

Dear Ellen,

According to a genealogy I found many
years ago, William Fisher Hoyt was the son
of Charles Evans Hoyt and Helen Maria Fisher
in Medina Co, Ohio. Charles married Helen
on 19 Jan 1862 in East Cleveland, Ohio.
Charles was born on 22Oct 1835 and Helen
on 3 Sep 1841 in Lockport, New York.
William Fisher Hoyt was unmarried but had
two brothers.

Hope this helps, please contact me privately
as I have more on the man.

Paul Lee

I just read today that following the collision, Hoyt and Capt.Smith went to the latter's quarters for a drink - is this true?


Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

I doubt it very much. From around 9:00pm on, Smith was either on the bridge itself or in his chartroom. After the collision, he was too busy trying to get information and working things out. Hardly time for a drink, but I'll bet he could have used one!

Mark Robert Hopkins

No drinking on duty, even if the ship is sinking. ;)

Lester Mitcham

I believe that you will find that it was Frederick Hoyt and Captain Smith who were friends. I recall reading somewhere that Hoyt later said that Smith told him that the cutter would be leaving soon and that he and Mrs Hoyt should take seats in it.

The drink story is under Frederick Hoyt. See: Paterson Morning Call (1912) JUMPED FROM SINKING SHIP 23rd April 1912