William H. Harbeck


Apr 12, 2012
You likely  have seen a film by Mr Harbeck of the ruins of Market Street in San Francisco after the 1906  Earthquake and Fire. It is a truck shot filmed from a burned out cable car being pushed down the street. He was one of several people to film the aftermath of the quake, being there by chance.  Youtube has another film of Market Street taken days before the quake by another early cinematographer. In addition, he is represented on Youtube in a film of 1907 Vancouver BC filmed form the front of a moving streetcar. Gone 100 years but you can still see some of his work today.
Sep 16, 2016
The cemetery that he is buried at also talked about the purse that was found on him. I actually didn't know about it until I visited the site. as of 2016, the stone is in fairy good shape, but is kind of sinking in or the grass needs to be mowed around or something.

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