William McMillan Small

William Small was my great grandfather on my mother's side. His son John Small, my grandfather, was married to Fanny Gillespie. My mother, Patricia Jean Small, was born in 1925.
William small was my Grandfather his daughter,Margaret Small b.1911 was my mother, She died 1991, I was her only child I was born 1940 sadly she knew little about William as she was only a year old when Titanic sunk in 1912.
Margaret died in Richmond upon Thames and is remembered in the garden of rest at Richmond cemetery.
Her sister Jane was married and living in Lancaster,Lancs in the 1940’s and had two children.
William was my great grandfather. His daughter Jane b. 1903 married Thomas Moffatt in 1927. They lived in Lancaster and had 3 children Josephine b. 1928, Dennis b. 1929 and William b. 1932 (- my father.)
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Arun Vajpey

That's interesting. On Leading Fireman William Small's ET bio here, there is very little information about what happened to his (then pregnant) wife Elizabeth Small (nee Ridgeway) or their daughters Jane and Margaret. Obviously, Jane Small (later Moffat) was your grandmother and so does the family have any information about Elizabeth post-disaster? Did she remarry?