William McMurray

The daughter of William Ernest McMurray from Liverpool sent her father a letter on the day that he went on to the Titanic, but the letter got to the postal rooms too late and the ship had sailed.  It was never delivered to her father and returned to his 8 year old daughter.  On the weekend of the 100th Anniversary in Liverpool they had a giant puppet little girl taking the letter to her father, and giant dog to go with her.  She went all the way from Bootle and along the city center and to the docks, and was met by a giant diver who took her letter to her father on the Titanic.  Then there was a giant of Mr McMurray at the docks, coming from Belfast to meet his daughter and to be reunited with her one last time to say goodbye.  He and his daughter were united and he gets her letter 100 years later.  It was very moving and over 3 days a great display and journey of this small  family.  The letter is kept in the  archives at the Liverpool Maritime Museum.