William Murdoch Cover bFamily Tree Magb

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Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Not a book, but a publication. Folks in the UK and overseas where they get UK genealogical mags might want to keep an eye out for the December issue of Family Tree Magazine. I got quite a surprise when I went into the PRO bookshop today to see a lovely reproduction of the photo of a young William with his sister gracing the front cover. The family member who contributed it to the magazine is, so I've been told, a talented genealogist.

It's not attached to an article, although there is a small spiel about Murdoch. But it's much the best reproduction of this photo that I've ever seen.
Jun 4, 2000
Thanks Inger - it's interesting the places that the odd bits and pieces of Titanica pop up, although there's nothing at all odd in this context of course. Am now popping off to the PRO shop to check it out. Here's hoping that the photo and a small amount of accompanying text may lead to an actual article at some point - and if not on the Murdochs, perhaps another member of Titanic's crew of whom little is known. Cheers!
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