William Wright


I have been in touch in the past and it is disappointing no reference has been made to the fact William Wright is likely to have been a bigamist. The family story has always been he survived the Titanic sinking, returned to Southampton and was never seen again by his wife Frances Maria Wright. They had married 11th Oct 1902, William using the name William Robert Wright, aged 31 and a ships steward. Frances was born 1866 and gave her age untruthfully as 32. She was previously married to a James Henry Statham allegedly a ships steward and former friend of Mr Wright.
Frances and William had a daughter Gladys, whose birth was never registered and was born between 1900 and 1902. It was only when Gladys applied for a pension did she become aware her birth had not been registered which caused her much distress.
Only one family photo exists of William and it is as the second photo in the Titanic Encyclopaedia