Winifred Quick van Tangerloo

With this weeks passing of Titanic survivor Winifred Quick Van Tongerloo- I must wonder, is there any possibility there might be other survivors out there (in addition to Ms. West,Ms Dean and Ms Asplund) that we dont know about? How about cross channel passengers, who got off in Cherbourg or Queenstown? Could any cross channel pasengers still be with us?

God bless you Ms. Van Tongerloo


Tarn Stephanos
I seriously doubt there are any survivors left that are unknown. The names of the well-researched passenger lists that we have today tell us, without much doubt, everyone who was on the ship for the maiden voyage. Cross channel passengers are a bit more mysterious and haven't been nearly as well-documented as the people who were there when the Titanic went down, so I just don't know; it might be a possibility!


They have even researched it down to those conceived on Titanic which is amazing!
I only wish that those from Lusitania and other disasters were so documented.

I probably should have thought a little harder before I posted above about there being a possibility that there are unknown cross channel passengers still with us. I got that idea due to the fact that I have only saw a few scant paragraphs about them (other than the May / Odell party). I even own videos where people conceived on the Titanic were interviewed; I should have known if even they were known, then the cross channel passengers would be as well.


I was going through some of my old Titanic/Ship programmes I have taped over the years and there was a recorded Titbit from a programme a few years ago called Schofields Quest.
On it, there was a woman who said she was conceived on Titanic and born 9 months later. She was trying to get her birth certificate updated to prove that the man on Titanic was her real father.
She was called Ellen Walker and I was interested to know if she is still alive today and/or what happened with that story?

Extra note that on the video tape there was a programme from Scottish Television called ''John Brown: The Man Who Drew A Legend'' a half hr programme on the QM, QE &QE2s architect who at the time was 93. A real intersting programme.
Anyone else seen it?
Greg. Ellen Walker is still alive, though here in the United States I haven't heard much about her recently. I would think she would have surfaced for the 90th memorial somewhere. Interesting story indeed. Maybe another board member can shed light on the story. A few know more on it.....

The ring that was given to her mother was on tour for a short while in the USA.
Ellen Walker, as far as I am aware, is still alive and lives in Pershore, Worcestershire. She would be 89 now, being born in January 1913. The last I heard, she was invited to give DNA samples to see if they matched those of descendants of Henry Morley. I haven't heard anything since. Some say Ellen (or Betty, as she is known to friends) went silent at that point because there was no match. I don't know what the procedure is with DNA testing but maybe she just wasn't up to it. I asked the same question a while back but didn't hear anything.


I recall an issue of "The Sphere" magazine from 1913 with an article about a "Titanic baby" born nine months after the disaster. Maybe someone has access to a newspaper archive and can find this article (not here in Munich)...

Regards Henning