Winslet gets another nomination


Rachel Walker

I watched the Academy Award No

I watched the Academy Award Nominations last night. I was thrilled to see Kate Winslet get one for her role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I think that would be her 4th nominatioin, making her the youngest actor ever to receive that many. And have you heard the rumors? She is up for the rose of Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter 4. Your thoughts?

John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997

"according to it's gone to a 23 year old French actress. Guess they thought Kate was too old."
I thought about that, myself, as the character of Fleur Delacour is supposed to be ~18 years old; not that Kate wouldn't be convincing, but it would have been easier if the Fleur Delacour role was available during the years Kate was in TITANIC and IRIS.

Perhaps, though, Kate can be cast in the role of "NYMPHADORA TONKS", should Book 5 be made in to a movie; she'd probably have fun playing the role of someone who can alter her appearance "at will" ("METAMORPHMAGUS": See "Order of the Phoenix", page 52).
We'll just have to see if Kathy Bates could be cast as the Dolores Umbridge character (Kate would, IMHO, be considered too young and too tall for that role). Either that or one of them could play the painting of Mrs. Black. They'd have both liked, IMHO, to have been able to start yelling at Frances Fisher's RUTH.

Anyway, I hope Kate does get the Oscar, if nothing else as a way to reward her acting abilities (too bad she could not have been nominated for both "Eternal Sunshine" and "Finding Neverland").
Mar 20, 1997
I rented Eternal Sunshine over

I rented Eternal Sunshine over the last weekend to watch during the massive blizzard that swept through the East Coast. One of the best choices I made, and I am definitely pleased to see Kate get a nomination for her role as Clementine. She was wonderful and the relationship between her character and Jim Carrey's had so much more depth and sincerity than Jack and Rose.

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