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Ben Thomas Sebastian Holme

Hi Everyone,

Three questions concerning the authority of apparant observations made on April 14th.

1. On page 24 of "A nignt to remember" Francis Millet was seen to briefly explain the accident to W.T. Stead, to which the he replied, "well I guess it's nothing serious. I'm going back to my cabin to read". Anybody have any idea who was witness to this? I don't suppose so for a minute!

2. According to Edward Kent's ET biography he was seen remain on deck "as the sea closed over him" rather than jump. Gracie makes no mention of this in his book or the enquiry. Can anyone help?

3. Walter Douglas, according to his bio, was last seen in evening dress loading the last boat with women. Anyone help? I've half found an answer to this one when I stumbled across this site:


If you look at Mrs. Edgar Meyer's account she refers to a conversation she had with Mrs. Harris on the Carpathia who told her she last saw Edgar loading col. D with Henry B. Harris and Walter Douglas.
Any other ideas/doubts about it's reliabilty would be appreciated.

Some other ET members have already been most helpful with this enquiry already so appologies to them.

Sorry if the questions, particularly #1 are a little unrealistic!