Woman hanging between life boat and ship

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The event really took place.

Here's a bit of my book.

"At boat 10 there was more drama. A woman attempting to board slipped and fell between the boat and Titanic. She was caught by somebody on A deck and dragged back on board. Swiftly she returned to the boat deck and composed herself for another try. This time she succeeded, though the two-and-a-half-feet space must have gaped fearfully wide."

The witness was Edward Buley, at the US inquiry.
Very interesting.

In the film, I think that they drag her into the boat, don't they?

In fact, it says in the eyewitness statements that Bob kindly forwarded that she was taken back onto the ship.
I remembered Cameron showing this in his movie. The old Woman in a black dress all most falling over the side and a man grabbing her by the ankle? and pulling her back into the ship. Walter Lord mentions it and he probably? got the information from the U.S. Senate Hearings.
*Raises hand* I gotta question.

I've heard in situations where someone is panicking the way this woman was shown doing so in the lifeboat, said person is usually, or sometimes at least, knocked out to prevent spreading the panic to the rest of the lifeboat. This is, of course, after all other attempts to calm the person down have failed.

I know such is the case in the submersibles that visit Titanic in the event someone has a panic attack that could be risky to the safety of sub and crew. They even carry a special wrench or some kind of tool in the sub specifically for that, don't they?

Any truth to the lifeboat scenario? I would think knocking someone out to prevent spreading panic in a tiny boat would be a good idea as a last resort.
Hello Gents,
A slap across the face usually works best in this kind of situation after all methods fail. Both for Men and Women. Either the one doing the slapping or the hysterical one being slapped. Usually a good shaking should first be applied and if this doesn't work and words fail 'Slap'
>Wouldn't it make more sense to have some kind of drug or ether or something to knock someone out rather than taking a wrench and beating them?

The wrench is more fun.
>>The wrench is more fun.<<

I about spit wine all over the monitor when I saw this response! LOL

Has the knock-out wrench ever had to be used during a trip to Titanic that anybody knows of?

The wrench is more fun.
(Gasp) Jim!!!
I told you to stop running around with that no good Jack Pickford. He's a bad influence on you. (Shakes finger at.) Shaking or slapping is best.​
>Yeah...but messy

Oh...I dont know. The ether, or chloroform, would cause anyone who was...errr...uhhh..."holding it" to void their bowels and/or empty their bladders. Want to spend 5/6/7 hours in a lifeboat sitting next to THAT?

And...Mike...you use the BROAD side of the wrench. Mess ensues when you use the narrow edge. GEEST...I guess SOMEONE never went to reform school when he was younger....
>>Want to spend 5/6/7 hours in a lifeboat sitting next to THAT?<<

The trash goes overboard!

>>And...Mike...you use the BROAD side of the wrench.<<

Got it!
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