Woman in Lifeboat 10

Aug 30, 2005
Hello. I came across a story that i have read about before but never really questioned. In the movie Titanic and in the book, ANTR, there is a mention of an older lady in a black dress falling between the side of the ship and the gunwale of the lifeboat. Do we know who this lady might be. Forgive me if someone has already started the post somewhere else on the boards, but i just wanted to know if anyone had any informtion on who the lady is is. My guess would be 1st Class Passenger Miss Andrews or Mrs. Hogeboom, or Mrs. Fortune. Again I apologize if this thread was already started. Thanks

Brian Ahern

Dec 19, 2002
Hi Andrew - Interesting topic. I'd rule out the three ladies you mentioned. Miss Andrews and Mrs. Hogeboom were both wearing fur coats, as per Miss Andrews' account. Mrs. Fortune's daughters provided accounts of the sinking and they never mentioned something as traumatic as their mother falling.

I do remember reading a first-hand account by the crewmember loading the boat which mentioned the lady. I don't remember who the crewmember was, but I think the account was in the Winocur book. I remember the bit about the black dress but not about the lady being of advanced age. It was years ago that I read it, however.

I suppose we have no choice but to assume that the man got the details about the woman right, regarding her age, clothing and the lifeboat she was entering.
May 3, 2005
Was this the same lady that has been mentioned and depicted as the one in which the "tug of war" incident took place between persons on board Titanic and the lifeboat ?
Dec 6, 2000
The crewman who gave an account of the woman falling between the ship and a lifeboat, was Frank Oliver Evans, the lifeboat was #10.

See page 676 of the US Inquiry

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