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mary mason

Aug 24, 2003
on page 131 of Judith Gellers book, there is a picture of some third class survivors, amongst them Franks Aks and the Quick girls, who are the other two children in the picture? someone told me the little boy was Meyer Moore but who is the little girl? i thought maybe it was Louise Kink,or Virginia Emanuel?
I recently read that book. I thought it was odd that she didn't name all of the survivors in some of the pictures. She did a lot of research obviously, it's just sad that we don't know who they are. Although, some didn't want to be known for the disaster as the book tells you. I guess I'm rambling but I can't really help answer your question as I am still trying to figure out my own resources.
A fellow researcher,
Dec 12, 1999
Dear Kendra,

I'm late in posting here but since I helped Judith Geller with her book, perhaps I can be of some assistance in helping to try to identify some of the survivors you mentioned. If I recall, there were photos of many of the third class Syrian families and we weren't exactly certain just who some of the children were. We've since learned all of their identities in the decade since the book was written so if I can help if any way to answer your questions, please let me know.


Mike Findlay
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