Women's deaths


Ashley Shantel Brouillette

The Britanic was a hospital ship with female nurses, did any of them die?

Colleen Collier

Hello Ashley. Yes, a few of them did die due to the severity of the damage and Captain unaware of the lifeboats being launched, turned the ship and headed towards shore. In doing so, the propellers pulled in, and shredded at least one lifeboat filled with crew members. Those that did not jump out, or could not swim fast enough, were victims.
Luckily the ship was not filled with wounded, or the casualties would have rivaled or possibly surpassed Titanic, which is a sickening thought.
In case you are wondering, I have not found any survivors, (or victims families) that settled down in the San Bernardino County area, or in California, but I am still cross referencing that possibility, as rehabilitation for many WW1 soldiers were in 29 Palms. (We do have at least 1 SB Co. Titanic survivor though.)
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

Ashley, you can read a description of the event HERE. Stewardess Violet Jessop was one of the survivors and part of here account is on this website. Unlike Titanic, she didn't get away from this one uninjured suffering a fractured skull. She was in one of the lifeboats that was lowered prematurely and drawn into the still spinning propellors. For all that, she was one of the lucky ones to get away with her life.