Worker kills lover onboard Queen Mary 2 cruise ship

Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
>He was only 85 and surely had many more years of life in him.

His mother was devastated.

If you reference the General Slocum Walking Tour thread, in which my obsession with mayhem first reared its head on ET, you'll find the notorious Poderjoy which a dashing European with a home torture chamber and a propensity for women's clothing, married a wealthy but frumpy NY woman. He booked passage aboard the Olympic, in an E deck outside cabin for them, but she jilted him and never boarded. Well, she DID board, postmortem, in his steamer trunk, but soon vanished out the porthole.

Tabloids loved it. He was found guilty. And, odd to say, when "The Lady of the Lake" began washing ashore in fragments at Euclid Beach, Cleveland, in September 1934, they actually made an effort to determine if it was Mrs. Poderjoy. Since she was disposed of from the Olympic, it probably wasn't...but one never knows.

Jerry Nuovo

Jan 18, 2003
New Jersey,USA
Jim says "Suicide on that early voyage Jerry was aboard" I remember that voyage which was a Caribbean Cruise aboard the QM2 out of New York on June 11,2004.I remember that around 8:30 PM there were announcements over the ship's PA system would this man (I don't remember his name)please report to the purser's office.This same message would be repeated about several times over the ship's PA system during the rest of the evening.Then later that evening the captain did announce over the PA system that the QM2 would sail back to the position she was at the time they made the first announcement for this man to hopefully try to attempt to maybe still find this man in the water.At around 2:30 AM the QM2 arrives at that spot and those powerful spotlights that hang beneath the QM2's Bridge are on and pointed towards the water.The QM2 stays in that area for about an hour or so but the man is never found.George,You're welcome and I am glad to have posted that link to that video.Regards,Jerry

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