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My son Donald and I have been comtemplating the World Weekly News, and the nature of their stories-- especially those about the Titanic. We think we could do a lot better than WWN, since we have a better knowledge of the subject that their writers do. Now we've already done a story on how the Keldysh was taken over by an alien entity in the form of a piece of stinky cheese, causing James Cameron and crew to take to the lifeboats on the expedition that filmed Ghosts of the Abyss Can any of you improve on that?


Pat W

Donald Winship

perhaps a headline like:

"Tianic Resurfaces. Slices QE2 In Half"
"QE2 Again Becomes Longest Ship in the World"
Pat, all I can say is you and Donald have more patience for dreck then I do these days. forgot to throw Elvis and Princess Di into the mix.
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