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Worst scene from a Titanic film ever

Discussion in 'Titanic Movies' started by Hugo Rupert Talbot-Carey, May 3, 2004.

  1. Hello all!
    This is my very first posting (so bear with me!).
    I chose to write here first because funnily enough i was watching a copy of the 1980 film Raise the Titanic only this morning.
    I cant really fault this film, but one film that really bugged me? Titanic starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tim Currey. I think its the one on American CBS Some members have alreasy reffered to. In all scenes this was a horrid attempt at a Titanic movie, the cast especially the supposed theif and hero,and Tim Curreys awfully bad acting in this film make it THE worst ive ever seen.
  2. Daniel Cox

    Daniel Cox Member

    The movie "No greater Love" based on Danelle Steel novel.In the sinking scene (jumping off the stern of the Queen Mary) the mother asks the father where there son is , he replies i saw him go over the side , but dont worry he went over with Charles (son in law) , the mother then just smiles at her husband and says thank god there safe.This cracks me up because he just jumped 100ft into icy water and she didnt even look over to see if he made it , the whole movie was bad.
  3. i still think that the renault scene was the worst.
    and I have a question did something like that really happen on the Titanic :-( i mean come on! Sorry if this is a little harsh but this is my opinion if anyone would like to differ please do i would like to start a conversation! Well thank you for listening to my opinion. Bye and have a nice day!
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  4. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Assuming you mean the location rather than the activity, the answer is no. Passengers had no access to the holds and the only car on board was shipped inside a crate.
  5. >>i still think that the renault scene was the worst.<<

    I don't know about that. That "Wormie on the hookie." thing spoken by Anne Archer was really corny IMO, and about the only thing redeeming about the production with Catherine Zeta-Jones was....


    Hmmmmm....Catherine Zeta-Jones. grin.gif
  6. Alex McLean

    Alex McLean Guest

    Is she as good as everyone really thinks? I reckon she was better in Chicago. I saw it on the plane to New Zealand, and they had to restart the film 4 times after half an hour before they gave up. That half an hour repeated over and over was better than the entire miniseries, which coincidentely I saw that same day of departure.
    Just have to see Jemma and Christine's version now.
    My best, happy.gif
  7. >>Is she as good as everyone really thinks?<<

    The people who gave her an Acadamy Award seem to think so. Naturally, you're results may vary on this, but I've seen far worse. There are any number of so-called supermodels out there who are great on the eyes, but who's performances grate on the nerves.
  8. Alex McLean

    Alex McLean Guest

    I'll give her the fact that she is a very good actress. I actually read your post wrong this morning - I was tired, so I apologise for that. I've only seen her in Titanic and Chicago, and I think she is a fine actress and is extremely talented.
    At least, she is a lot better than some of those singer/actresses who seem to pop up now and then. Can anyone say Brittany Spears?
    Sorry about the mix up, happy.gif
  9. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    No, I'm sorry, Alex, there's a rule here that if you say Britney Spears in a posting you get banned for life, and spelling variations are no excuse. Hang on. Did I just say Britney Spears? Oops, I did it again. Where are we going to post now?
  10. Alex McLean

    Alex McLean Guest

    Damn, thought I got away with that one. At least I didn't disgrace myself further and mention the Backstreet Boys.
    Oh, no, wait....
  11. Haha whatever Britney is the best! Dont hate!
  12. >>I actually read your post wrong this morning - I was tired, so I apologise for that.<<

    No problem. I have some less then steller moments when I'm wiped out too. Brittney Spears? Uhhhhhh...not going to go there. I don't know her, don't follow her and the only music I've heard from her is that canned stuff playing over the speakers where I work for the benefit of the customers.
  13. Ummmmm....Titanic????
  14. Nope. That was Celien Dion. That one gets played to death too.
  15. I seem to remember in the miniseries that... just before the break up there were these (third class I suppose... it's been ages)sitting on this bench like the whole world's a picnic...la-ti-da and then the decking starts splitting. I think it was after the planks got up to like... two feet in the air was when they did anything.

    And for anyone who likes to make fun of Cameron's Titanic... here's a fun link:


    Also in SOS Titanic... which was the first Titanic movie that I saw.. starting around four. We watched it regularly and I guess it was that that started my interest in ships... although it's strange saying that. Anyways...

    Cloris Leachman talking about her "Legitimate stage debut." makes me wonder what she was implying...

    The girl who played Madeline Astor... St. Something saying, "I'm not beautiful." was funny enough that it started an inside joke between my brother and I.

    The Barbara Stanwick Titanic rates as one of my least liked films of all time. "NORMAN! NORMAN! NORMAN!!!!!" gets annoying after what seems to be a full twenty minutes of redundant screaming. It would have topped it all off if she had started banging her head against the lifeboat as she screamed.

    The "Nearer My God To Thee" is cheesier than a deep dish pizza. Not to mention the idea that the ship "exploded" just before it went down... powerful enough to discombobulate one of the walls of the set. The sets weren't really that good. And Barbara Stanwick and what's-his-face playing her husband - their "I'll snipe you and you snipe me" attitude isn't that interesting.

    But of course... when you're watching a Barbara Stanwick movie, you can expect her to shoot her lover/boyfriend/husband near or at the end. It only happens in %80 of her movies. lol.

    I haven't seen Cameron's one... but I don't think I like the sound of the "I want you to draw me in this and only in this." scene. Seems unnecessary and one of those things that you look at and say "Why did they write this in?" Just like the Renault scene.

    One other thing I remember from the mini series. In a scene in the Grand Staircase or somewhere nearby... in the background Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker is playing. I always thought that was the most inappropriate music on a ship.
  16. Jim Kalafus

    Jim Kalafus Member

    "NORMAN! NORMAN!" Well, that was so the "matinee ladies" as they were then called, could say to themselves "oh, she really loved him after all" and ponder the sad fact that only tragedy and death could make her realise it. I suspect that if there is ever a 'restored cut' on DVD we'd discover missisng footage of the head banging.

    I still think that the moment in Titanic where Rose looks at Jack and remarks "this is where we met" moments before the ship sinks is the bar-none stupidest moment in a Titanic film. Even in the days when there were "matinee ladies" that line would have induced groans.
  17. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    That, I think, was a late addition to the script, Jim. In an earlier draft, at that point the couple glance in silence at baker Joughin who nods a greeting and remarks "Helluva night". Much better!
  18. Jim Kalafus

    Jim Kalafus Member

    The follow up line, about "Take a deep breath" or "hold your breath" or something to that effect matches "this is where we met" in sheer, should have been edited out horror. My home video version of Titanic was slightly reedited, so that all of the non-1912 plotline and characters are omitted, and at the moment the stern fades away underneath them in the water and their hands are torn apart, the credits roll. I've always been a push-over for a happy ending.
  19. Matthew Welsh

    Matthew Welsh Member

    I feel that the "this is where we met" line of dialogue can be explained simply by the scenes leading up to it. Most scenes at the stern here are of people preparing for the end. So, given the hopelessness of the situation the argument could be made that Rose just realized with a sense of irony and sorrow that this was where it began and this was also where it would end.
  20. Have a heart fellas, everytime old Babs in the boat hugs those gloves to her maternal bosom and sobs, "Oh Norman- my little boy!"- MY tearducts go into overdrive. And how about that heart-rending at the rail line from Norman "I'm wearing long pants now Father."-and Clifton Webb's "I feel ten feet tall!"- they don't write 'em like that anymore! Maybe we need a David Lettermanesque Top Ten worst list! Surely nearly every line of dialogue in SOS Titanic between Beesley and Susan St. James might qualify when he suggests a rendez-vous in that empty cabin-She: "Forgive me, but I'm waiting for a better offer." He: "And well you should." Of course all of us are cheering "GO silly twit, the ship is going to sink and you probably will never get another offer!". Raise the Titanic may have the lion's share from "I just can't get the wormie on the hookie (I'll say!) to the hilarious banter in the pub between the bosomy old crone and Alec Guiness "Some say she's a maiden still." I suspect nearly every flirtation line between David Selby and Ann Archer could be in the running for inane chit-chat-and the final corker, that immortal final line with the gravediggers, "Doncha want us to dig it up?" YES, we DO after waiting far too long for that blasted Byzantium.