Would a Confederate States victory have affected transatlantic shipping?

Dan Kappes

I was wondering, if the Confederate States of America had won the American Civil War, would there still be a big business of transatlantic liners transporting people to and from Britain to the Confederate States across the Atlantic?

And would ocean liners have still developed like they did?
Perhaps it would...perhaps not...and, probably something we can't envision would have taken place. History does not...arghh, I've said it before. We just can't predict the future and neither could Lincoln, Grant, or Lee.

-- David G. Brown
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I dont know how big it would have been but there would definantly have been buisness between the 2. England and the confederacy were in negotiations. The south wanted them to become allies and England wanted/needed their cotton for their industry. But England wisely stayed out of it. I guess they figured that no matter who won they would still get their goods but if they backed the wrong side...? But if they had won I guess White Star would have built bigger docks in Charleston instead of New York.