Would Anyone Be Interested Going Aboard QE2 In 2008 Her Final Year of Service

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Jim, Yes it would be fun to join your party.We don't have to take a taxi to the dock in Red Hook,Brooklyn because the QE2 will be docked at the Manhattan West Side Piers 88,90 or 92.Cunard President Carol Marlow said so at a meeting of ocean liner enthusiasts in Downtown Manhattan a few weeks ago.I was not there but I read about it here http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=597702 .The people on this thread on this website are discussing the meeting of the ocean liner enthusiasts with Cunard President Carol Marlow.
I am also going aboard the QM2 this October 19,2007 for a roundtrip transatlantic crossing or should it be crossings.Once the QM2 arrives in Southampton on October 25,2007,I would like to see Berth 44.This is the dock the Titanic sailed from for her one and only tragic voyage.There is even a store in Southampton named Cobwebs.Cobwebs sells ocean liner memorabilia and would also like to visit Southampton's Maritime Museum.Then late in the afternoon head back to the dock where the QM2 is docked at to board the QM2 for the sailing back to New York.
From Yahoo News:

QE2 on 40th anniversary cruise around Britain

LONDON (AFP) - The Queen Elizabeth 2 set off on a special eight-day cruise around Britain's coastline on Sunday marking the world-famous luxury ocean liner's 40th anniversary.

The QE2 sailed out of its home port of Southampton, southern England, on a cruise that will see her welcomed Thursday on the River Clyde in western Scotland -- 40 years to the day since Queen Elizabeth II launched the transatlantic giant.
For the rest, see http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20070915/wl_uk_afp/lifestylebritaintravel
From the Greenock Telegraph:

QE2: Farewell to a legend

THOUSANDS thronged Inverclyde’s waterfront yesterday to say a fond farewell to an icon of the Clyde.

The QE2 set sail at 6pm to the sound of cheering crowds.

As she left, well-wishers from all over the world joined the people of Inverclyde to give three cheers for a unique vessel.

It marked the end of an unforgettable day during which the Red Arrows wowed on-lookers with a spectacular aerial tribute to a piece of Clyde-built history.
For the rest of the story, see http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=sport&id=15541
Quick note: On Saturday night the Queen Mary 2 and QE2 passed each other in the English Channel; it was quite a spectacle, albeit semi-blurred, as it was after 11:15 PM.

Anyway, it was quite a sight for those of us on the Queen Mary 2, as many of us felt this could be the list time we'd see the QE2 at sea. Many people came out on the Port Deck, as we passed Port-to-Port.

My pictures did not turn out good, but the ship's photographer got a good professional shot of the QE2, and that is now on sale at the Photo Gallery. I bought two copies, for me and my cabin mate.

There were also many people on the QE2 taking pictures of the Queen Mary 2, as well; could see the camera flashes going off.

Now I will see if I can secure a Europe voyage for late 2008; those are the ones still listed as having spaces available.
John, perhaps you can post one of those photos if you can get the appropriate permissions to do so. Beyond that, any news stories I find on the QE2, I'll continue to post in this thread. It's going to be an interesting if bittersweet year.
Michael, I will have to scan and submit my copy of the photo after I get home. I may need to check about any posting and scanning, though my feeling is that if no commercial attempts at its use are made, then it is okay.
I admit, though, that I am NOT an attorney, so I have to caution on that.

Kyle Johnstone

Hello John

Oh how I would love a print of that photo.
I was on QE2, the final night of her now legendary 40th anniversary celebration cruise.
As we arrived in Southampton early the next morning, we on QE2 did not have the opportunity for a similar photo of QM2.

On QE2, our souvenir dinner menu for that night (we had a different souvenir menu each night) featured the Queen Mary, commemorating Queen Mary's final departure from New York forty years ago to the day.

And what a treat, that same night, to pass at sea the Queen Mary 2.

Forty years ago today Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth passed each other at sea for the final time.
I hope I can get a copy of that photograph of the QE2 when I'm aboard the QM2 next month.Thanks John for writing about your transatlantic crossings aboard the QM2 this month and I hope you have enjoyed both crossings aboard the QM2.And Kyle thanks for writing about the 40th Anniversary Cruise aboard the QE2 and I hope you have enjoyed this cruise aboard the QE2
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