Would you have to open and close your own porthole?


Ricky B

Hi everyone,

If you were a First class passenger, would you have had to open your own porthole for fresh air? Or would some passengers expect a steward/stewardess to do this for them?

I can imagine this possibly happening in the stateroom suites but would it have been too much of an ask if you travelling in a cheaper cabin? Obviously a nice tip would need to be given but I'm just thinking if it was two am, you felt hot and you buzzed a steward to carry out, what many of us today would just do by ourselves.

There was so much etiquette for the upper classes - I cannot visualise an Edwardian lady over working her wrist and elbow during the middle of the night!

Alex Kiehl

A passenger could give instructions to the bedroom steward who tidied up after them and have them open/close the porthole at a given time. Or, one could just do it oneself, as they were not very stiff to maneuver.