Wreck Photos on eBay from 1985 Expedition question

Carrie M

May 19, 2009
I've gotten into the habit where I'll search Titanic on eBay and look at things that have recently been added. A few weeks ago, I happened upon some very interesting pictures and I was able to obtain one.

This listing shows the pictures that he sold, and just last night, I was looking at the December 1985 National Geographic magazine with my mother and I discovered that the picture I bought was in that issue!


The pictures listed are very awesome, since quite a few others were also in that issue (including the cover picture!), all from that first expedition. When I saw my picture in the magazine, which I had forgotten just where I had originally seen that familiar photo, I was so surprised at my find!

What I am most curious about, and why I write this post, is if anyone could help identify the large, thin piece of metal in my photograph. Here is a closer up picture:


Thank you in advanced, and I feel special for finally having a little something to contribute to this amazing message board.
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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
It just didn't reflect on my first post.

Nope; unlike other message board programs. this one's doesn't go back and change all existing posts when a screen name or signature is changed. What's already been posted remains as it was; the changes take effect prospectively only.

In any event, thanks for your cooperation, Carrie.

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