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Wreck Protected?

Discussion in 'Collision Sinking & Wreck' started by Scott Mills, May 17, 2018.

  1. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member

    I am curious if anyone knows what, if any, legal protections exist for the wreck of the Empress of Ireland? I know relatively little about the wreck, other than it is in shallow water and still largely intact. Given that, I sort of find it odd that no attempt (other than to remove the silver) has been made over the years to salvage the wreck.

    And, frankly speaking, I am a bit concerned given the current price of low-background steel, that if the wreck is not currently offered legal protection, someone may in the future be successful at pitching the idea of attempting to salvage and scrap her.
  2. Current status I'm not sure. But there was a lot of diving on her to recover artifacts over the years. A lot of stuff was brought up. I know that one of the main salvage divers (actually a treasure hunter) had a change of heart about what he did and believe he was lobbying to get protection for her. But I don't know the outcome of that.
  3. Athlen

    Athlen Member

    There are still dives to the ship. However, the wreck is a National Historic Site and recovery from the wreck must be approved by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications.
  4. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member

    Awesome to hear this! If only I were a wreck diver, or a diver at all, this would be on my list.