Wrecked Lusitania plans in the works


Michael Wheeler

After about a years rest after the hellacious project that was the Titanics wreck site, I've decided to model the Lusitania's wreck. I decided not to use a kit and the model will be almost 100 percent scratchbuilt. Using plans of Lucy's hull I will first build up ribs in the shape of the damaged hull and add styrene exterior plating strakes from there. The next step will be the decaying decks and other details. Finally rust,coral and fishing nets will complete the project.:-{
All the best with it, Michael. I would be interested in seeing photos of it, once it is complete.
That's quite an ambitious project, Michael. I'll throw in with Jason in hoping to see the photos of what you finally come up with. What I wonder is if you have photos and drawings of the wreck to make for a useful reference.
I don't have alot to go on right at the moment. Just Ballards book and some Ken Marschall paintings as well as the Last voyage of the Lusitania DVD. An exhaustive internet search has come up empty so any help with references would be appreciated. No construction has been attempted yet so no pics are availible yet.
"Last voyage of the Lusitania DVD"........Michael can you shed some information on this DVD? , is it still avaiable to be brought? , is it worth trying to track down?.
Many thanks Daniel
I'm trying to build a model of the Lusitania but i need some plans of her.
Does anyone have any idea where i can get some plans from?

Basic general arrangement plans for the Lusitania can be found in the old "Engineering," and I have placed a basic set in my own book. For full, highly detailed, large format plans, you can contact the University of Glasgow Archives. They are quite expensive, however. Hope this helps!
How is the scratch built Lusitania going? Any photos you can share with us?


Stan Brewer