WSL Policy On Upgrading Accommodations for Frequent Customers

Now that's an upgrade a very expensive one at that.
Looked and Walter Lord states in the thanks that he talked to survivors but doesn't mention Mrs. Cassebeer.
Mrs. Cassebeer Dear Lady A. wanted to look clever or B. didn't want people reading her original account to know she up graded to First. Maybe she wanted to leave a little mystery or didn't want to get lost in all the survivor accounts? I think the clever Mrs. Cassebeer and I would get along swimmingly
I think it more likely that Nourney only paid at most another £13 and that 38 comes from his room number.

I have found my copy of TNLO and confirm that Mrs C was not on the Passenger List that was given out/issued on board, but is on the PL that appears in ANTR.

On the same page is the Carlson story. There was a Capt Frans Carlsson on Titanic as a 1st Class passenger. It seems likely that he was mis-listed as Frank Carlson.

Like you I initially accepted the Cassebeer story, but dismissed it when the evidences came in. Also I initially took Carlson off a Passenger List I was working on only to re-add him when I found out that Carlson & Carlsson were two different men. - What Carlson was going to do with his car is unclear as I understand cars could not be boarded at Cherbourg, only at Southampton. - I am even wondering if he ever intended to be a passenger, or if it was just a "good" story.

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I always thought Frank Carlson might have intended to leave the car with friends or god forbid he gets there and finds out his car can't be loaded and is not coming with him because they can't load it. If he was a passenger he was in for a nasty surprise if he don't know that in Cherbourg they didn't have the means to load cars on to ships.
We might have stumbled on to something here.

I'm sure all passengers intending to transport a motor car were aware of what was involved. The car required to be partially disassembled and crated, in order to be shipped. Therefore there was no way that Carlson could have driven to Cherbourg expecting for his car to be loaded on board as well.

Although a car could not be loaded onto Titanic at Cherbourg, given that Titanic could not dock there in order to receive the necessary service, passengers with motor cars on the French side could still transport them. This would of course require preparation several days in advance, as the car would need to be crated and shipped to Southampton where it could be loaded into the ship.

With regard to Nourney, although the prices mentioned in his claim for lost property are in marcs and are estimates, it is still clear, nevertheless, that he paid his £13 for a 2nd Class ticket and then an additional £13 for an upgrade to 1st Class. Therefore he ended up paying the minimum 1st Class fare of some £26 - nothing out of the ordinary. I agree that the "38" might be a typo stemming from his room number.

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