Yet More Dangerous Balancing On The Bow Reenacting In A Parking Lot

Nov 30, 2000
I saw a little kid today at my job not once, but twice climb up onto the side of a cart corral and shout the now-infamous line Mr. DiCaprio bellowed in the film until the adult who was with him (his grandma I think) told him to stop it. I could not believe what I saw, not just because of my dislike for the film but because of how dangerous it was for that kid to be doing that. He could have fallen and gotten hurt if he had lost his balance on something even more unstable than the prow of a ship sailing the ocean (I refer to how cruise ships had to ban balancing on the bows of their ships after the film came out.) I should have told him "Son, don't do that, you might get hurt."
Hopefully he'll learn, but I dunno about the human race some days.
Jan 28, 2003
Don't. Reminds me of the ferry across the Bay of Biscay to Spain with my friend, my children and her grandchildren (2 women, 2 cars, 6 children under 13, camping equipment, and not an adult male relative in sight ...). We'd all just seen the film and I had a sense of foreboding. "James and Lucy on the Pride of Bilbao .." I warned my friend. Luckily, it was quite impossible for even the craftiest child to make it to the prow. I reckon the crew had seen the film too.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Pray for the human race.<<

Looks like somebody is unwittingly trying to give natural selection a helping hand there. I'd ask what people like this are thinking but it's obvious that they're doing nothing of the kind.

Erin Hopkins

Apr 11, 2009
Little kids are pretty single minded at times. He'll probably be forgetting about it in the next day or so.

The important thing is he didn't get hurt.

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