YOU ARE THERE Does anyone remember

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(Walter Cronkite/30 minutes/weekly)

"THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC (April 14-15, 1912)"
First telecast: Sunday, May 22, 1955.


Noel Drayton as Captain Smith
Olive Blakeney as Mrs. Straus
Charles Meredith as Mr. Straus
Lowell Gilmore as J. Bruce Ismay
Gordon Mills as Colonel Astor
Mary Shipp as Mrs. Astor
Mike McHale as Mr. Murdoch

Does anyone remember this episode, or anything specific about it? I recall being glued to my television every Sunday throughout the 4 years or so "You Are There" was telecast. As I remember, their programs were presented to give the impression that participants in historic events were being asked on-the-spot questions for the TV audience. I know I watched this one, but now I'm drawing a blank. The shows were 30 minutes long.

Yep!! That's it! It's been a long time since I've heard those words!

We had a big Zenith B&W console. My parents are still using its speaker to pipe music into their utility room. :)

Roy: Bet the speaker's top quality too! We've the the latest of everything now, but our speakers are 2 of 6 that were made for the BBC in the 1960s. Been told they'll last us out and would set us back thous if we'd ever attempt to replace. Reminds me of the lightbulb in my bedroom home in Canada. First used back in the 50s as 'new'. (One of those really old 'nippled' ones we'd found unused.) Still working on my visits until early 1990s. Turned out it had been manufactured at just about the same time as 'Titanic' was un-manufactured!
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