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"You get in this boat, and I will wait for the next one."

Discussion in 'Harold Godfrey Lowe Fifth Officer' started by Toma, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Toma

    Toma Member

    Hello! There is a fact that when loading 14 boats, Harold Low offered Mr. Moody to command this boat, but the sixth officer gave way to Low. Later, Harold Low recalled this incident with gratitude, because Moody could easily have taken a place in the boat. But I wonder how we found out about this? If I am not mistaken, Low did not mention this case during the interrogation. Who thinks about this?
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  2. Lowe mentioned it at the British Inquiry.

    15837. Did you go by anybody's orders? – I did not. I saw five boats go away without an Officer, and I told Mr. Moody on my own that I had seen five boats go away, and an Officer ought to go in one of these boats. I asked him who it was to be - him or I - and he told me, "You go; I will get in another boat."
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  3. Toma

    Toma Member

    thank you!