Your favorite stateroom style on Titanic/Olympic

Your favorite style is:

  • #1 Louis XVI

    Votes: 9 34.6%
  • #2 Queen Anne

    Votes: 11 42.3%
  • #3 Empire (or #4)

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • #5 Modern-Dutch

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • #6 Old-Dutch

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • #7 Adams

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • #8 Regency

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • #9 Louis XV

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • #10 Louis XIV

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • #11 Italian Renaissance

    Votes: 7 26.9%

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May 4, 2013
Which style is you favorite? Which one would you choose if you were to book a room for a journey on Titanic?
I've made a photo showing whole diversity of cabin styles on Olympic class ships.

1) Louis XVI style
2) Queen Anne style
3) Empire style
4) Empire [another variant]
5) Modern-Dutch style
6) Old-Dutch
7) Adams
8) regency
9) Louis XV
10) Louis XIV
11) Italian Renaissance
12) WSL's style - a "french" style - "bedroom A" (?)

My favorite is Queen Anne style and Louis XVI style. B-58 and B-60 would be perfect for my humble self. I also like Dutch styles, and Louis XV quite much. The styles I like least is Italian Renaissance and Empire style (only the one on the picture number 4). These are the last ones I would choose.
I've created a poll, where you can choose a few of your favorite ones.


Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003
This will sound really bizarre but i'd actually prefer to stay in a third class cabin or, at best, a second class one. Reason being that I would want to mingle with everyone on the ship and I believe that you'd get the best idea of the lives of people if you mingled with those of the lower classes, the blue collar set if you like. Wouldn't suit me at all to be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous in first class!! ;-)

May 4, 2013
And what were the colors of these staterooms? I mean, the colors for wallpapers, floor and furniture. I am curious especially about B-64 Empire, B-58 Louis XVI, Modern-Dutch and Old-Dutch. I've heard that B-60 had a silk wallpapers in faint gold color. I'm asking because I want to do colorizations. Here some sample of my colorization. I want to make whole photos in color of Titanic staterooms.

That's from the time I didn't know of the real color of this room.
And in here for example there is another color. I don't know if the creator of this made any research on this matter or not, say I don't know if these colors are accurate or not:
Jul 5, 2016
Personal tastes - I pick the starboard parlour suite complex - Adams sitting room, Italian Renaissance bedroom, and the Harland & Wolffe design A bedroom (probably my favourite bedroom design, not included in this list), plus the private promenade. I like a white, cosy sitting room, with darker panelled bedrooms.

Going from that, my next design choices would be the A-deck aft en-suites - a nice simpler design, with a bathroom included!

I'm less fond of the garish Regency sitting room, and some of the white bedroom styles.

Thomas Krom

Nov 22, 2017
It would be quite a hard choice to pick my favourite period style. Allow me note down all the styles first among with a counter of how many times each style was represented onboard the Titanic (sitting rooms included):

Harland and Wolff bedroom B style31
Harland and Wolff bedroom A style14
Louis XVI5
Modern Dutch4
Louis XIV3
Italian renaissance2
Queen Anne2
Old Dutch2
Louis XV2
I made a breakdown of which special stateroom was in which style on every deck down below with a count:

A-deck (promenade deck)

StyleStateroom numberamount
Harland and Wolff bedroom B styleA-36 and A-372
B-deck (bridge deck)

StyleStateroom numbersAmount
Harland and Wolff bedroom B styleB-65, B-66, B-71, B-72, B-77, B-78, B-83, B-84, B-89, B-90, B-93, B-94, B-95, B-96, B-97 and B-9816
Harland and Wolff bedroom A styleB-55, B-56, B-75,B-76, B-87 and B-886
Louis XVIB-52 (sitting room with oak panelling), B-58 (Damask panelling) and B-81 (with oak panelling)3 (2 with oak panelling and one with white and silk damask panelling)
Modern DutchB-57 and B-63 (with sycamore panelling)2 (1 one with sycamore panelling and 1 with oak panelling)
EmpireB-54 (White and gilt panels) and B-64 (White and silk damask panels)2 (1 with white and gilt panelling and 1 with white and silk damask panels)
Italian RenaissanceB-531
Old DutchB-591
Queen AnneB-601
Louis XIVB-701
Louis XVB-821
C-deck (shelter deck)

Harland and Wolff bedroom B styleC-69, C-71, C-73, C-76, C-78, C-80, C-87, C-91, C-93, C-94, C-98, C-100 and C-10213
Harland and Wolff bedroom A styleC-59, C-61, C-66, C-68, C-85, C-89, C-92 and C-968
EmpireC-57 (white and gilt panels), C-67 (white and silk damask panels), C-83 (white and gilt panels), C-84 (white and gilt panels)4 (3 with white gilt panels and 1 with white and silk panels)
GeorgianC-77 (white panelling), C-81 (with walnut panelling)and C-86 (walnut panelling)3 (2 with walnut panelling, 1 with white painted panelling)
Louis XIVC-62 and C-752
AdamC-64 and C-902
Louis XVIC-63 (with white and silk damask panels) C-88 (oak panels)2 (1 with white and silk damask panels and 1 with oak panels)
Modern DutchC-70 (oak panelling )and C-74 (with sycamore panelling)2 (1 with oak panelling and 1 with sycamore panelling)
Queen AnneC-651
Old DutchC-721
Italian renaissanceC-821

An interesting thing to note is that the following styles came in different variations (with variations I mean different panelling and furniture, sitting rooms are excluded here):

Empire: Had a total of 3 different variations onboard. One variation with brass beds and white and gilt panelling (B-54 occupied by Mr. Ismay and C-83 occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Harris), one variation with mahogany beds (C-57 occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Straus and the unoccupied C-84) and a final variation with white and silk damask panels and different mahogany bedsteads with a canopy above it (B-64 and C-67, the damask was in the color pink in B-64 and blue in C-67).

Louis XVI: Had a total of 2 variations. One with oak panelling and oak beds (B-81 which was possibly occupied by the Ryerson family, but still uncertain and C-88 occupied by Dr. Frauenthal and his wife) and one variation with white and silk damask panels and brass beds (B-58 occupied by the Baxter family and C-63).

Modern Dutch had a total of 2 variations. One with oak paneling and brass beds (B-57 possibly occupied by the Ryerson family and C-70, occupied by John “Jack” Borland Thayer (however some state C-66)) and one variation with sycamore paneling and beds (B-63 again possibly occupied by the Ryerson family and C-74).

Georgian also had a total of 2 variations: one with white painted paneling (B-69 occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Hays and C-77 occupied by the countess of Rothes and her niece miss Cherry) and one variation with Walnut paneling (C-81 (which portholes among with the private bathroom are part of the raised “Big piece” and C-86 occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Douglass.)

The beds could differ trough in the Harland and Wolff bedroom B style stateromsven trough the paneling remained.

A-deck (promenade deck)

Mahogany Colt bedsA-36 and A-37
B-deck (bridge deck)

B-83, B-84, B-89 and B-90B-65, B-66, B-71, B-77 and B-78B-93, B-94 B-95, B-96, B-97 and B-98.

C-deck shelter deck

C-87, C-89, C-91 and C-93, C-94, C-98, C-100 and C-102C-69, C-71, C-73, C-76, C-78 and C-80

It is very hard to pick my favourite style on-board since there are a total of 13 period style of which some had different variations onboard. If I really had to choose I would pick the Harland and Wolff bedroom B style with mahogany colt beds like A-36.

Yours sincerely,

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Georges Guay

Feb 26, 2017
The only and very own Pilot cabin, universally established, with an unlimited access to the navigation bridge and at times, to the captain's sitting room for a Single Malt and a Cohiba. And most important, having the utmost privilege to go back home before it’s too late …
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Georges Guay

Feb 26, 2017
You could dream as much as you could to get the first class cabin A-36, but you would never get the money neither the contact to reserve it. On a passenger ship, it is always safer to choose a cabin on the same side as the captain ones. As well, the first class smoke room is just beside; there would be a lot of drunkies traffic, shouting noise, and it would stink cigar smoke. We also have to remember that most of the awaken time spent on a liner was outside of the cabin.

On the opposite, I would get the pilot cabin for free and getting paid for sleeping in it, if the vessel had to stop for mechanical failure, reduced visibility and so on. I would be one of the rare passengers to have unrestricted access to the navigation bridge and the chartroom. I could gossip with the officers. And most important, I would’ve been sleeping in my home bed while the first class passengers would have frigid sea water up to their nose! ;)

Thomas Krom

Nov 22, 2017
I do not want to sound rude, arrogant and / or pompous but I can assure you that my family has enough money to buy a first class ticket in 2020's Pound Sterling. So I certainly could reserve a ticket at a booking agent. But ofcourse, you could not know that since I am quite new to the message board so I do not blame you for that.

Alexander R.

Jan 19, 2020
I voted Louis XIV, the type Louis XIV from C-75 and B-70, I've been researching C-75 to try to get a good idea of what it exactly looked like. using only the three photographs I have of the style. Me and a friend will be trying to recreate the room

We did discover a mirror in the other room that showed us part the wall, so we're trying to figure that out.

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