Your Titanic Collection of Books

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Tracy Smith

Here's my list as of today's date:
(* denotes children's book)

1. Adams, Simon. Eyewitness: Titanic.*
2. Archbold, Rick and Dana McCauley. Last Dinner on the Titanic
3. Ballard, Robert. Discovery of the Titanic
4. Ballard, Robert. Exploring the Titanic *
5. Beesley, Lawrence. The Loss of the SS Titanic
6. Biel, Steven. Down With the Old Canoe
7. Bonsall, Thomas. Titanic
8. Brewster, Hugh. 882 1/2 Amazing Answers to Your Questions About the Titanic*
9. Brewster, Hugh and Ken Marschall. Inside the Titanic*
10. Brown, David. The Last Log of the Titanic
11. Butler, Daniel. Unsinkable
12. Cameron, James. James Cameron's Titanic
13. Conklin, Thomas. The Titanic Sinks! *
14. Davie, Michael. Titanic: the Death and Life of a Legend
15. Dubowski, Mark. Titanic: the Disaster That Shocked the World *
16. Eaton and Haas. Titanic: A Journey Through Time
17. Eaton and Haas. Titanic: Destination Disaster, 1st edition.
18. Eaton and Haas. Titanic: Destination Disaster, 2nd edition.
19. Eaton and Haas. Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy.
20. Foster, John Wilson, The Titanic Reader
21. Gardiner, Robin and Dan Van Der Vat. The Titanic Conspiracy.
22. Garrison, Webb. A Treasury of Titanic Tales
23. Gracie, Archibald. Titanic
24. Heiligman, Deborah. The Story of the Titanic*
25. Hyslop, Donald, Alastair Forsyth, Sheila Jemima. Titanic Voices
26. Iverson, Kristen. Molly Brown: Unraveling the Myths.
27. Kuntz, Tom. The Titanic Disaster Hearings
28. Lord, Walter. A Night to Remember.
29. Lord, Walter. The Night Lives On.
30. Lynch, Don. Titanic: An Illustrated History
31. MacInnes, Joseph. Titanic in a New Light.
32. Marcus, Geoffrey. The Maiden Voyage.
33. Mariner's Museum. Titanic: Fortune and Fate
34. Marriott, Leo. Titanic
35. Marschall, Ken. Art of Titanic
36. Molony, Senan. The Irish Aboard Titanic
37. O'Donnell, E. E. The Last Days of the Titanic
38. Padfield, Peter. The Titanic and the Californian
39. Pellegrino, Charles. Ghosts of the Titanic
40. Pellegrino, Charles. Her Name Titanic
41. Quinn, Paul. Titanic at Two
42. Reade. Leslie. The Ship That Stood Still
43. Stenson, Patrick. The Odyssey of C.H. Lightoller
44. Stevenson, Jay. The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Titanic.
45. Tanaka, Shelley. On Board the Titanic *
46. Wade, Wyn Craig. The Titanic: End of a Dream
47. Wels, Susan. Titanic: Legacy of the World's Greatest Liner.
48. Winocur, Jack, editor. The Story of the Titanic as Told By Its Survivors

Titanic Fiction
49. Bass, Cynthia. The Maiden Voyage
50. Bunting, Eve. SOS Titanic*
51. Hoh, Diane. Titanic: The Long Night
52. Lawlor, Laurie. American Sisters: A Titanic Journey Across the Sea *
53. O'Cork, Shannon. Ice Fall
54. Osborne, Mary Pope. Tonight on the Titanic *
55. Ransom, Candice. Nicole *
56. Serling, Robert. Something's Alive on the Titanic
57. White, Ellen. Voyage of the Great Titanic: the Diary of Margaret Ann Brady *

General Ship/Maritime Books
1. Bonsall, Thomas. Shipwrecks
2. Cordingly, David. Women Sailors and Sailor's Women
3. DePauw, Linda Grant. Seafaring Women
4. Druett, Joan. Hen Frigates: 19th Century Women at Sea
5. Druett, Joan. She Captains: Heroines and Hellions of the Sea
6. Greenlaw, Linda. The Hungry Ocean
7. Ireland, Bernard. The Aircraft Carrier: An Illustrated History
8. Maddocks, Melvin. The Great Liners
9. Maxtone-Graham, John. The Only Way to Cross
10. Wall, Robert. Ocean Liners.

Other Ship Disasters
1. Croall, James. Disaster at Sea: The Last Voyage of the Empress of Ireland
2. Dobson, Christopher. The Longest Night. (Wilhelm Gustloff)
3. Hemming, Robert J. Gales of November: The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald
4. Hoehling, A. A. The Last Voyage of the Lusitania
5. Hoffer, William. Saved: The Story of the Andrea Doria
6. Thomas, Gordon. Shipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle
Don't puff your chest out too much, Michael, or we'll sic Michael "The Man in Black" Tennaro on you. I'd love to see his collection.
Are you kidding? If there's one guy who would have us all beat, Mike Tennaro's the man!

See his collection hell! I'd like to have his collection!

Michael H. Standart
Hi guys,

and thanks for those glowing words about my collection, but I think you give me more credit than I deserve. my collection contains around 275 books, but those are not all individual titles. I have five different editions of Walter Lord's A Night to Remember, for example.

leaving out multiple editions of the same book, I probably have around 200 actual titles. certainly a substantial number, but I am sure there are quite a few collectors out there who have me beat by a wide margin. Fiona? Inger? anyone want to fess up?

on the other hand, I am catching up just as fast as my wallet will allow!!! :).

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
200 still has me beat by a very wide margin. Since I don't do contract hits for the Mafia, I probably can't afford the out-of-print collectables still circulating out there either.

No matter, I'm sure there are some new and upcoming titles out there that will become available soon. Some of our chums here are working on them.

Michael H. Standart
Who is working on the new Titanic books? And Michael T., I too would love to see your collection! Even if you don't own it you still know about it, Amazing!

I wonder if I qualify as a lover of Titanic. I don't have nearly so many books on the Titanic. I do have the most famous ones - ANTR, T:AIH, etc - and almost all of the more recent ones. But my goodness the lists Michael & Tracy posted are mind-boggling. And Mike T has 200?


I am peeking over at my bookshelf and see more books on the T than I thought I had but still I'm far behind the pack. Using Tracy's list as a quick numerical criteria, I have:


In addition, books I have which are not on Tracy's or the other lists are, in no particular order:

Titanic: Women and Children First by Judith Geller

Titanic: Safety, Speed and Sacrifice by George Behe

The Wreck of the Titanic Foretold? by Martin Gardner

The Titanic Disaster by Dave Bryceson

A re-print of The Sinking of the Titanic by Jay Henry Mowbray

The Titanic Story by Geoff Tibballs

I also have the Thresh book and the Marriott book mentioned by others as well as a real battered copy of The Titanic and Other Sea Disasters.

I would love to locate a copy of Behe's book on the Titanic's psychic connections. A bonus would also be to find for an affordable price (which WON'T happen!) the early Titanic books like Beesley's, Gracie's, Lightoller's, and Rostron's. The only early survivor book I have is Lady Duff Gordon's - SHOCK, huh?

Quelle surprise!! Randy, Great to hear from you! I understood that you had been kidnapped by aliens and forced to work in a Third World sweat shop sewing shirts for Marks & Spencer's for your sins!
First editions are suddenly appearing everywhere over here and you can pick up a Beesley/Lightoller for next to nothing. This year's auction by Messrs. Aldridge at our annual Convention, turned up a plethora of firsts - someone has been hoarding them and now releasing them onto a dwindling market. I've had so many books (I often get them sent by the publisher's for review) that I had to get rid of a heap of them - had to be selective and kept the best.

My good man,

Working at Marks and Spencers would atone for the sins of all England. The aliens abduction may well be true, however. I was drunk one night recently and God only knows what happened afterwards.

As to sweating, that can always be counted on in Texas. By 11 AM yesterday it was already 92 degrees! And we're still in springtime!


By the way, did you get my reply to your message re: the Countess? In it I asked about BTS & the Duff Gordons. Perhaps it is you, monsieur, who've been too busy shirt-sewing...
Geoff, the next time you throw books out, would you throw them my way? I only have a little over 50 books in my collection.

A few more

A Bridge to the Seven Seas by Dick Schaap
Titanic the Exhibition by Eaton and Haas
Monarchs of the Seas by Karl Ulrich
Dusk to Dawn by Paul Quinn
Titanic From Rare Historical Reports by Peter Boyd-Smith
-=Some one said the 'B' word!

I don't know if a googly would travel quite this far, but Mr Whitfield is welcome to hurl superfluous Titanic tomes at me too.

Ok, MiB, you got me bang to rights. However, as we both know, my collection is not to everyone's tastes.
It's also fair to add that there are other collectors I know of who would... well, not exactly sneer... at our paltry collections, if you get my drift.

There are heaps of 'boat' people who do not collect books as such but have multiple filing cabinets bursting at the seams with other stuff. To each, their own. Mine just happens to be books...



Who said the "B" word!

Dear All,

This thread comes close to being my favorite so far. I am smiling right now while reading all of the lovely books in everyone's collections. It gave me an inner glow I can't describe. My own book collection is none to be compared to some, but like most I'm sure, grows each month as finances will allow. But for those interested in knowing how I spend my time away from ET, here is my modest collection so far:

1. Haven't got this book but this book is at the top of my list! Wilton J. Oldham "The Ismay Line" I do have the serialized version from the Commutator titled "The Titanic and the Chairman."

2. Wreck and Sinking of Titanic Edited by Marshall Everett (orig 1912)

3. Titanic Voices by Donald Hyslop, Alastair Forsyth, Sheila Jemima

4. Titanic National Geographic Collector's Edition

5. Ghosts of the Titanic by Charles Pellegrino

6. Titanic Survivor by Violet Jessop

7. The Discovery of the Titanic by Robert Ballard

8. Her Name, Titanic by Charles Pellegrino

9. A Night To Remember by Walter Lord

10. The Night Lives On by Walter Lord

Printed Versions from the Web:

1. John Thayer's online account of disaster

2. Enquiries

See, my library of books is small but don't kid yourselves, my obsession with Titanic far surpasses any one of you here on ET! One notable item in my collection is the silver ship I carry around my neck on a charm every day.... Ah - - the ship, is the love of my life!

Crazy with Titanic over here in the U.S.A.

Michael Tennaro - with all of those books you should rename yourself The Book Man, not The Man In Black!!

Love To You All,

Hi Tracy!

How are ya this morn?

I've got to get myself to work, this darn ET has me so crazed I can hardly get myself out of this chair to get ready!

Well maybe the Man In Black could send a picture of himself my way some day huh...

Teri wrote:

Michael Tennaro - with all of those books you should rename yourself The Book Man, not The Man In Black!!

good idea, Teri. unfortunately The Book Man has already been overused by others. I thought about TheManInBook, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it. :).

p.s. to Tracy. shhhhh. don't tell anyone, but rumour has it that TheManInBlack has been spotted wearing white shorts on occasion this summer. but the black shirts with the banded collars remain a fixture, so all is not lost.

happy collecting all!

Michael (TheManinMostlyBlack) T

Tracy Smith

BTW, thanks for putting a notice about DE Bristow's new booklet about Lord and the Californian on your site. I'm sending the money out for it today.
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