Your Titanic Collection

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One thing... My Bookcase. (That is where all my memorabilia, videos and books are stored.)

It would be easier to get rid of one thing, and that's a no brainer... The person who told me to get rid of all my collection.

I would have to say the book Titanic: An Illustrated History. It covers just about everything you need to know. Then again, why would I ever want to get rid of my whole collection!
Cameron's movie because thats what sparked my interest.

But like James said why would I get rid of one thing. My Titanic stuff is here to stay.

Don Tweed

My dog eared copy of ANTR.
Read it in 68' when I was 10 years old.
Life took a different meaning for me after that, even at the age of 10.
Lucy Duff Gordon's own personal copy of her autobiography, "Discretions and Indiscretions", inscribed and signed to say that it belongs to her.

Incidentally, one of the cheapest items in my collection, if purchase price is considered.

- Kalman
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