Your Titanic Expedition

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Scott Newman

Jun 16, 2004
I was just thinking about this and I hope I can get some clever responses. The "Discovery/Salvage/Exploration/Exhibits" thread has become a nice place for people to vent their frustrations and pleasures from the latest expeditions.

So let's play a game. You've just received orders to head out to the Titanic wreck and discover her mysteries by any means necessary. Your expedition is limited to 10 days, but you have an ample supply of resources to staff your crew. What ship would you take? What equipment would you use? Which scientists, historians, and seasoned explorers would you invite?

While I work on my expedition, I'll read some of your thoughts.

Mike Bull

Dec 23, 2000
Simple; I'd hire the Keldysh with it's two Mirs, with James and Mike Cameron along to operate their Jake and Elwood ROVs, and with Ken Marschall planning every moment of every dive for me, so that we can see every tiny bit of detail that Ken would find for us.
Aug 28, 2001
I'd have an elongated version of Jake to go down the spiral staircase to the firemen's tunnel, I'd also explore the holds at their bottoms, and, if possible, dredge under Titanic from the anchor crane back to #1 funnel---just enough to get the camera under Titanic and look at the iceberg damage.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>I'd have an elongated version of Jake to go down the spiral staircase to the firemen's tunnel,<<

It was actually attempted but there was too much in the way to pull it off. The forces which trashed the ship on the outside were no kinder within. If the ROV's they used then couldn't do it, I don't see how a larger one could.
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